Note: This solution was made in collaboration with our amazingly talented classmates Henriette Fürst, Sophie Birkeldand and Ingrid Waaler.


"Make Kari Traa the leading sports brand among young Scandinavian girls".




  1. Kari Traa’s brand position is strong when it comes to wool base layers in Scandinavia, but when it comes to workout wear they are surpassed by far by brands as Nike, Adidas, Gymshark, Under Armor and Puma.

  2. Even though research proves that exercise evidently makes you happy, Scandinavian girls all associate exercise with improving looks and physical health only.




Kari Traa enters the world of sportswear by launching a whole new sports dicipline, where the one single goal is to improve your mental health by being active.

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(Publisert av SoMe-ambassadører som vanligvis kun har fysisk fokuserte treningsvideoer i feeden sin.)