The New York Times’ mission is to seek truth and help people understand the world.

But a recent study from Pew Research Center (2018) showed that 45% of young Americans were unable to differentiate "fact language" from "opinion language" when reading the news. This means young people will have trouble seeing the truth - or understanding the world - no matter how much effort the New York Times puts in covering factual news stories and shedding a light on important opinions. If the two article types are mixed, they both loose their whole purpose. With digital fragmented reading, marking the articles with the traditional “opinion”/”News” badge isn’t enough anymore.


Learning news rethorics sounds boring. Especially for a fast-consuming entertainment driven young American. So how can we get their attention?

In 2018, the average consumption of Spotify by an American millennial (under 30 years of age) was 39 hours a week.


The New York Times makes a statement where “news” and “opinions” gets mixed the most in 2019; in the lyrics of our times biggest Rap and Hip-Hop artists.


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